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Who Is Jackson Medical?

In his final year of college, founder, Ian Jackson was involved in a motorcycle accident where he received numerous medical implants. This event led Ian to withdraw from his medical school pursuit and motivated the founding of Jackson Medical Solutions. He managed to recruit a team of talented engineers who were equally as passionate about preventative medical devices. Mainly, the group has been interested in addressing the major disparities in medicine, specifically regarding post-operative care. Current medical device design leaves room for improvement as they unnecessarily complicate patient conditions. It is our goal to maximize patient comfort and safety while minimizing healthcare costs by making better technology that is preventative and accessible for all.

Our Values


We believe in providing ethical, honest, and reliable care to our customers.


We accept the consequences of our actions and hold ourselves to a higher standard of responsibility.


We continue to research and collaborate on ideas that will further advance the medical field. 


We strive for a team of high functioning individuals from all backgrounds in order to address the needs that reflect our community.


We are a dedicated team of engineers that have the goal of bettering ourselves and our community. 

About us

Meet Our Team

Innovative, inspired, engineers determined to improve the medical device world.

Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson


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Simon Tecle

Simon Tecle


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Kerry Jackson


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