Recognition in the form of awards and grants issued to Jackson Medical Solutions, Inc.

GRANT - 2022

FAST II grant awardee. $1.5 million has been allocated to the EmergeAZ FAST II Grant to provide resources to Arizona entrepreneurs and startups with emerging technologies designed to address current and future economic, health, or societal challenges. “I am incredibly proud to see all the ways that these incredible startups and entrepreneurs are contributing to bettering the lives of Arizonans,” said Jack Selby, Chairman of invisionAZ. “Our awardees are launching Arizona forward and I’m proud to see the EmergeAZ Fast Grant be such a success.” 

AWARD - 2021

The Mensch Prize for Best Use of Embedded Intelligence recognizes the engineering innovation team that best integrates embedded intelligence into a potential commercial product. Specifically, the award will be granted to a student team that has built a smart connected prototype that may have a commercial market. Embedded Intelligence is characterized as the ability of a product to sense, process, communicate, and actuate (SPCA) based upon information gained from an understanding of both itself and others and for the benefit of many. Preference will be given to designs with SPCA capabilities that can demonstrably surpass human abilities to perform the same function.