Our Services

Preventative Care

We produce medical devices that effectively incorporate proper preventative care.

Minimize Costs

By implementing preventative care, our products save our customers potential financial burdens.


Our products provide patients with optimal care that is attentive to their needs and minimizes discomfort.


Our software streamlines care by localizing attention to a single monitor and automates prevention.

Personalized Health

Our product assesses a personal profile of the individual and adapts to suit their medical needs.

Automate Work

Our product provides healthcare workers with more time in their busy schedules.


What Makes Jackson Medical a Leader?

Community Investment

InvisionAZ, StartupAZ, and Startup Tucson have distributed grants to Jackson Medical, providing resources to local Arizona entrepreneurs.


Jackson Medical's team includes professionals with backgrounds in biomedical, electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering.

Advising Team

We have cultivated a team of advisors that assist our progress and company performance by offering suggestions based off career experience.

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